Meet the Principal

Dr. Aneta Spring

Dr. Aneta Spring

Dr. Aneta Spring graduated in Berlin in 2000.

Prior to her dental education, Dr. Spring was a full-time, general nurse with hospital experience on geriatrics/psychiatry wards. She was also a nurse for 6 years on the maxillofacial surgery wards.

During her dental education, Dr. Spring was working part-time and gained experience in the Clinic for Oral- and Maxillofacial Surgery Ward, where she achieved her PhD after study at the School for Dentistry. Her subject was ‘Quality of life of patients with Implants anchored Facial Prosthesis’. The project included clinical data collection and evaluation, patient examinations, writing the dissertation, final exams, etc.

She completed her dissertation, and was awarded the title of Doctor of Dental Medicine in May 2003 at the Humboldt University, Berlin.

Dr. Spring also lectures part time at Letterkenny Institute of Technology.