Spring Dental saved Jack's Christmas!

In December 2012 my son Jack has been complaining of a sore tooth. After a few visits to the school dentist Jack still complained and began to experience a lot of pain and discomfort. On the Christmas Eve morning Jack woke up with a lot of pain and discomfort with his tooth. I rang everywhere in Donegal and Derry to see if I could get help for Jack and no dental service was available to him. I was talking with my friend and asked her "Is there nowhere I could get him seen by a dentist today?" My friend told me she was a client of AS Dental in Buncrana and she thought I might get help there, but it was Christmas Eve so she wouldn’t be sure. I called the number and Aneta Spring herself answered the phone. I told her of my dilemma and she said to meet me at the surgery as soon as possible. When we arrived the service we received and the welcome was outstanding. Aneta dealt with Jack in such kindness but yet great professionalism and she provided a clean anti-biotic treatment for Jack. When we left the surgery Jack was feeling a lot better. Aneta said she would fill the tooth or extract as it was a baby tooth and she hoped the treatment would suffice to give Jack relief. That afternoon which was Christmas Eve I received a phone call from Aneta at 4pm to ask how Jack was. I told her he was much better, but however when he ate or drank the tooth was painful. She asked me to meet her at the in 15 minutes. I arrived down with Jack and Aneta had opened her surgery and brought along her daughter as it was Christmas Eve and her staff had all gone home. Again she provided a service that was outstanding. She gave Jack a filling in the tooth and Jack was absolutely pain free. She said she could not have Jacks Christmas spoiled with a painful tooth. I could not thank her enough for what she did for us that Christmas and will always be grateful to her. Not only did she save Jack Christmas for us but she did it with out over charging us, complaining or making us feel uncomfortable for not being registered as a client previous to this. I now attend AS Dental myself and will continue to do so with all my family. This experience was one I will not forget in a hurry and I have absolutely no doubt that there is not one other service in the area that would have done what Aneta did for us that day. As we ate our Christmas dinner I was astounded when Jack said “Mammy I really enjoyed my dinner and its all thanks to Aneta cause she fixed my tooth” not only has she impressed me as an adult but she also impacted very positively a child of 5 years old. Jack returned to Aneta after Christmas with a beautiful card he had written and a gift as he honestly felt--- She saved his Christmas. Thank you to Aneta and all the staff for your kindness and professionalism. Tracey, Joanne and Jack. xxx

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Due to a previous bad experience I was very anxious about attending the dentist, but thanks to Dr. Spring and her staff I have changed my perception and no longer cry at the thought of having work done. I had a bridge fitted which has vastly improved my confidence and quality of life. I am...
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My name is Anne Cavanagh and I am a patient with Dr. Aneta Spring. When I encountered a problem with my tooth I was referred to Dr. Aneta by a friend of mine. During my first visit I felt that the consultation was very thorough. She explained well the situation and laid out all the...
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I have been attending Aneta Spring’s dental surgery for the last six years. Prior to this I have spent years avoiding dentists because I am so nervous. My brother recommended Aneta and since I have started coming I have felt relaxed and calm having different procedures such as fillings and extractions carried out. I also...
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I never had a problem going to the dentist until, as an adult, I had a negative experience getting an injection. It really put me off and I didn’t go back to a dentist until a serious toothache forced me to. I went to Aneta’s practice for the first time and explained I was very...
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Dr. Spring has been my dentist for the last eight years. Prior to that, due to my fear of visiting a dentist, I did not make regular appointments. Despite the fact that I really wanted good healthy teeth, I did not have the courage to do anything about it. Eventually I made my first appointment...
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I first attended Dr Spring’s dental Practice in October 2012 for emergency treatment on a tooth which had become very painful. I travel quite a bit with work and so had overlooked my dental care for a few years and this particular problem drove me in search of a solution. I am not particularly nervous...
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Dr. Spring, I am writing to thank you for the wonderful experience I had at your surgery. After all the professional advice you gave me about my dental problems, I felt at ease and confident to have my treatments done with you. From I entered your doors, I felt comfortable , your dental nurse was...
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Dear fellow patient, The good news is if you are reading this testimonial then you probably have already made the right decision! I hadn’t attended a dentist in over twenty years but I was getting pain with more regularity and decided that this was the year I had to bite the bullet (pardon the pun)....
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I recently had to make an emergency appointment for my 5 year old son who had developed an abcess due to a tooth requiring treatment. He was frightened, tired and extremely nervous. Dr.Aneta Spring put us at ease immediately with her caring nature and professional ability, as a result my son no longer has a...
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My name is Bridget. I am a 30 year old midwife from Buncrana but working in Dublin. Even though I have a huge selection of dental practices in Dublin, I always come to Aneta’s practice. The care I receive is fantastic because it is scheduled around the time that I am home and I am...
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Aneta has been my dentist since 2010. From the outset, my experiences have always been positive. Aneta and her team are caring, professional and friendly. The treatment room and waiting room are bright and welcoming and a sincere warm welcome always awaits you when you turn up for treatment. I like the fact that Aneta...
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Spring Dental saved Jack’s Christmas! In December 2012 my son Jack has been complaining of a sore tooth. After a few visits to the school dentist Jack still complained and began to experience a lot of pain and discomfort. On the Christmas Eve morning Jack woke up with a lot of pain and discomfort with...
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